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Reload previously saved signal strength data.

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Data that you export in CSV format can be reloaded, this is where you do that. The file must have a header with. This is necessary to eliminate rounding if a float or double is used. These numbers. These numbers must also be multiplied by 1,, Saves recorded signal strength data to a file under the 'rfsignaldata' directory.

Can they spy on you through your smartphone microphone?

List all WiFi hotspots recorded in the database. Hotspots can be filtered by SSID or by security settings. Selecting an item. This is NOT a list of neighbor cells from the base station, but the handoffs recorded by the device. Play back recorded data currently in memory. Loading new data into memory requires restarting the app.

This button will open the Settings activity allowing the user to set the phone to use only the 2G network.

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This can save battery life and provide for more accurate cell location using the Google. The phone will play the default notification sound every time it switches to a new serving cell. The application will attempt to identify the serving cell's location. Coverage in a given direction is. This selection will leave a trail of signal strength dot markers as you travel.

The marker color will indicate your signal strength at that point. Set the site database used to determine your serving cell location. If either. Select 'USB connected' under Ongoing events and mount the card. Please note, earlier. Most of these files were automatically. In the. Try to balance this with the update. This is the minimum distance you must travel before the GPS will send an update.


Try to balance this with. Remember, if you do not. This sets the power consumption of the GPS while in use. The map will scroll to the users location. As you travel the map will constantly shift to display that user local. If using the site survey feature you may want to uncheck this feature since it will make selecting a site icon. If selected, during Live Data display neighbor sites are shown while the mobile is reselecting. Neighbor sites. This preference works.

Forces the phoneStateListener to reset if the mobile travels over 2. Fix the device orientation to portrait or landscape.

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Any change will take place after the app is restarted. This is. Display nearby WiFi access points along with signal strength. This is for information purposes only at this point. Occasionally during recorded data playback, some data points will appear well outside of the main track of recorded points. These outliers can spoil the coverage zones being drawn.

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By checking this option, these outlying data points will not appear. This app determines outliers by measuring the mobile speed. If the speed between two points exceeds mph,. Check the box to activate and signal strength changes, handoffs, technology changes, and no services announcements. You may be prompted for a one time install of the speech engine. Click Stats from the Menu options screen to bring up the basic statistics.

These stats include distance traveled over the. The handover. To save this data to the SD card press the menu button and click Save. Menu options vary depending on which screen you are on, but these are the options you will encounter:. Mapshot will take a screen shot of the Map or whatever is on the screen when presented this option.

The image.

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No numbers need be. Let's you share your signal strength readings and location with Twitter, Facebook, email, or anything your device is connected to. For the truly anal among you. With 'One Cell Tracking' users can track the coverage of a single cell site. With single-cell tracking, RSSI turns red. Fix the screen orientation to portrait or landscape. You may have to restart the app before this takes effect. Select this item to display sites within 2km of your position.

This works best with your own Local data. Erase coverage zones painted on the map this feature is a work in progress. Site Survey. Therefore, I have added a feature which will allow. Not perfect, but. Instructions are below. Long pressing 2 seconds or more an empty spot on the map will launch a dialog which will give the user the. This will allow users to define site locations. Long pressing a site icon on the map will launch a dialog giving the user these options:.

Move XXXXX to the selected site - This will attach the current serving cell to the site represented by the selected icon.